All new equipment sold by Rival Strength comes with a 6-month domestic use warranty as standard. Products with a warranty longer than 6-months will have this clearly stated on the product information page.

Warranties start at 6-months and can cover up to 2 years. Warranties can vary depending on commercial or domestic use. Please get in touch prior to placing an order if you have any questions or would like any more information regarding warranties.

If a product develops a fault, please contact us stating your order number, the product, and the issue that has developed. Rival Strength will review this information and a suitable arrangement will be made. This includes, but is not limited to, a replacement part being delivered to you, or the item being returned to Rival Strength for review, where it may be repaired, or replaced with a new product. Returns will not be accepted without contacting Rival Strength first. Please see our Refund Policy.

Warranties are only valid if the equipment is well maintained and used correctly. General wear and tear and misuse are not covered by the warranty.

With all of our wall-mounted products, it is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly secure your wall-mounted product to your wall, and to also ensure that your wall is made of a suitable material for wall mounting. Your warranty will become void if the product is mounted incorrectly, or to a material not suitable for wall mounting. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding wall mounting.

Warranties are only valid on weights if they are used on a minimum of 10mm thick rubber flooring.

Contact us if you have any questions:


07484 634921