Rival Strength Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable System - 2 x 100KG Weight Stacks

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The Rival Strength Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) Cable System includes 2 x 100KG Weight stacks, on a 2:1 weight ratio. (More on this below). The DAP also features trolley style adjustable handles, this results in smooth and frictionless movement of the handles, making height adjustments quicker and easier. 

What are ratios?

A 2:1 Ratio means the weight being lifted is half the weight loaded onto the plate carriage (40KG feels like 20KG), a 1:1 ratio you would be lifting the full weight loaded onto the carriage (40KG feels like 40KG). The benefit of a 2:1 ratio over a 1:1 ratio is the distance the handle can be pulled. The handle can move twice the distance compared to a 1:1 ratio, giving you more room for cable flies and any exercise that requires the cable to move further, while also offering smaller increments when adjusting the weight, this is especially important when performing exercise for rehabilitation where smaller jumps are needed and a lighter starting weight. Please get in touch if you have any questions on this, we would be happy assisting! 

The DAP also provides multi-grip pull-up handle variations, with rubber coated grips for comfort. 

6 x Cable attachment storage point at the back of the rack, perfect for storing any extra attachments required. Please view our full attachment range by clicking here.

Weight stack guards (Shroud) included

Commercial grade oval tube construction

Magnetic weight stack pin selector

2 X 100KG Weight stacks 


Height - 236cm

Width - 168cm

Depth - 96cm