Rival Adjustable Metal Slant Board Calf Raise Wedge (Pair)

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The Rival Strength Adjustable Slant board and calf raise offers superior adjustability compared to other fixed angle boards, helping achieve the best foot positioning for each exercise. 

Our boards are sold as a pair, this provides further adaptability to space the boards closer or further apart to suit each user and exercise. 

There are huge benefits to be seen from using Slant boards, not only in improving strength but flexibility and injury prevention and rehabilitation. Exercises that can be done using a slant or incline board include squats, lunges, calf raises and many more. 

Product details:

Textured grippy footplate, anti-slip design

4 Adjustable angles 

11 gauge steel (3mm) used on the angle adjustment supports

Powder coated heavy duty steel frame 

Product Specification:

Total product length: 35CM

Total product width: 22.5CM

Footplate length: 29.5CM

Footplate width: 16.5CM

Angle 1: 20 Degrees

Angle 2: 30 Degrees

Angle 3: 35 Degrees

Angle 4: 40 Degrees