Power & Squat Racks for Low Ceilings

Power & Squat Racks for Low Ceilings

Here in the UK, our garages and homes have ceiling heights ranging from 2000mm up to 2600mm! There's nothing worse than realising that the garage or spare room you've cleaned up and earmarked as your brand new home gym, isn't tall enough to house a Power Rack, Squat Rack, or Folding Rack.

Often the solution is to compromise on features and specification, and settle for something not quite as strong or sturdy. Whilst these can be suitable for some, they're often not quite up to scratch if you're lifting very heavy weights or you are desperate for a pull-up bar, or you simply like the safety aspect of lifting within a power rack. 

However, here at Rival Strength we offer a range of Power Racks that are shorter and better suited to home gyms! We also have the facilities in our warehouse to make customisations on a lot of our racks! This means you don't have to compromise on quality and features, and you can purchase the exact Power Rack, Squat Rack, or Folding Wall Mount Rack you want.

You can read more about the Customisations we can offer, HERE.

Power Racks

Our J-2 Series Power Rack is 2060mm tall, this height is viable for plenty of UK home and garage gyms. With the ability to turn the Multi-grip pullup bar upside down when assembling the rack, these racks can also be great for allowing those with low ceilings to still perform pullups within a rack and achieve a full range of motion during the pullup. 

Squat Racks & Stands

Squat racks can be a great solution for those with either limited space or ceiling height. Due to the smaller overall size when compared to a power rack, and our ability to customise to almost any height, squat racks can be an ideal solution to a home gym that is tight on space. See the image below, this is our J-2 Series Squat Rack customised to 2100mm tall for a customer of ours. 

The J-2 Series Squat Rack is 2200mm tall, but we can shorten the uprights to practically any size! 

J-1 Squat Rack Customisation

Folding Wall Mount Racks

FWM Racks are designed for areas short on space, and where the rack needs to be stored out of the way quickly and easily after the workout is complete, but you still need the versatility and features of a Power Rack. 

Our J-1 Series Folding Wall Mount Rack comes in 2 sizes. A taller version that stands at 2010mm tall, and 2420mm tall when it's folded away. And also a shorter version that is 1810mm when in use, and 2220mm tall when it's folded away.

We are able to offer customisations on all of our folding racks, if the current heights on offer aren't suitable for your space, get in touch to see how we can help! Below shows a recent job we completed for a customer who required the J-1 Series Folding Rack to fit under a 2.32m ceiling height. 

J-1 FWM Rack

Our J-2 Series Folding Wall Mount Rack is another great option for those short on space and ceiling height. With a fixed height of 2310mm or 2110mm, and the ability to customise and shorten the rack to almost any height, this rack is a great option for those wanting a shorter rack. Below are some examples of gyms we have kitted out with customised racks, ranging from 1900mm - 2100mm. 


*Please read our Customisations page for the terms and conditions.