Greg asked us to help him convert part of his shed/office into a gym for him and his family, but he was keen to ensure the space could be kept as a home office, and a place for his kids to play with their friends.

So we provided Greg with completely free CAD renders of his space with a variety of equipment setups, so he could plan the layout of the gym to make sure it stayed as multi-use as possible, and also so he could see how much equipment he could fit in.

We agreed the J-2 Series Folding Rack would be the best option, as it would allow the family to have a heavy duty rack, but it could also be folded away when not in use. We even customised the J-2 Rack to 2m tall so it would fit perfectly in their gym.

We're pretty happy with the how close the render is to the finished product!

We provided him with;

1x Rival J-2 Series Folding Wall Mount Rack (customised to 2m tall)

1x Rival Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench

1x Rival J-Series Adjustable Jammer Arms 2.0 (Pair)

1x Rival J-Series Adjustable Dip Station

1x Wall Mounted Horizontal 3 Bar Holder

100KG Monochrome Black Bumper Plates

Full Set of Fractional Competition Plates

1x 20KG Rival Chrome Olympic 7ft Barbell - 4 Bearings

1x Rival Olympic EZ Bar

5KG - 25KG Rival Hex Dumbbells

1x 1m Wide Dumbbell Rack

2x Rival Black Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles (1m x 1m) with Connectors

4x Rival Black Floor Tile Edges

1x Rival Black Floor Tile Corner

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If you're like Greg and like the look of the J-2 Folding Rack (or any of our racks), but don't quite have the ceiling height, then get in touch with us and see if a Customisation is possible! We have the facilities in our warehouse to shorten several of our racks, so they fit whatever space you have. Please click the button below for more info.

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